Marijuana Requlations

Marijuana Growth in California

California in conjunction with numerous other states who have passed marijuana legalization this year, here’s a multitude of opportunities for entrepreneurs and adult users to grow Cannabis for recreational use or profit in a number of budding opportunities as California moves toward a regulated marketplace which is set to explode in January 2018.

California Passes Recreational Marijuana Bill Prop 64

Adult Use of Marijuana Act allows residents to possess and grow weed, though legal purchase is set to explode in 2018 with the passing of California Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA).

California is activately working on the regulations to put into place for January 1st, 2018, when the state is will open applications for licenses for business to begin legally selling recreational marijuana. California is dealing with issues that concernt the current legal regulations of marijuana on the federal level, the fact that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ wants to eradicate the trade coupled woth the fact that Congress is letting up marijuana prosecutions. However, California is dealing with the federal obstacles with the help of Governor Jerry Brown who is preparing to take advantage of the huge influx of tax dollars expected to be generated for the state is now setting the scene for California becoming the the largest legal market in the world.

San Diego Marijuana School will teach and keep you abreast of California’s legalization efforts and how you can benefit as a grower or recreational user of legal Cannabis.