Ways to use Marijuana

Ways to use Marijuana


Unique Ways to Consume Marijuana

Growing cannabis is now legal in some states and growing it in your garden is about producing as much cannabis plant as you can for consumption and use for various reasons. But during harvest, after you have harvested the plant, you are left wondering what you can do with your cannabis. Besides smoking it raw, there are lots of things you can make from Cannabis from your garden. Of course, not everyone is aware of these things, but they indeed exist. This leads us to the question, “what are the things you can make with cannabis from your garden?”

  1. Cannabis Oil

This is a wide category of what you can use Cannabis for. There are some weed products that contain cannabis oil to achieve the desired effects, but there are also different ways of taking cannabis oil. The fact that it can be used for a wide variety of things makes the cannabis product that people seek after the most.

Cannabis oils contain low levels of THC, so they do not make the user feel high or intoxicated like marijuana itself. This way, you can derive the desired effects which include relieving pain, nausea, anxiety, etc.

Cannabis oil is more popular for its effectiveness in treating epilepsy, and even the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently recommended Epidiolex, a pharmaceutical CBD oil for approval so it can be used for the treatment of epilepsy. CBD oil has also been used in other areas such as treatment of cancer, depression, pain relief, sleeping problems, etc.

  1. Beauty & Skin Care Products

As the use of cannabis for different things became more widespread, more states began to legalize cannabis, and many companies had different ideas of things they could do with cannabis. CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties capable of fighting acne and many beauty or skincare products that contain cannabinoids are advertised as being effective in the treatment of pain and giving a euphoric, relaxed feeling.

Many reputable retailers now have products containing CBD, and these products are getting picked up daily because of numerous beneficial effects that these products offer. Cannabis balm, for instance, is an effective pain reliever for aching muscles while cannabis lotion can make the skin clearer. Bath salts and bath bomb can help achieve a more relaxing bath in the tub, and there is an ever-expanding market for topical weed products. We now have marijuana lip gloss, body wash, and mascara.

Depending on the cannabinoids contained in your beauty products, the effects vary. Some products focus on CBD and how it can benefit health while some have high concentrations of THC which can be found in many dispensaries.

  1. Cannabis Beverages

Who would have thought that the modern world will bring forth a day where you can drink weed? Quite surprising! Although cannabis beverages are not just everywhere yet like the beauty products are, they are however getting introduced to the general public gradually. Presently, cannabis-infused cocktails exist, but not every bar has them. If more states legalize recreational use of marijuana, it will become widespread in no time.

Marijuana-infused drinks are only being sold in states where marijuana is not criminalized. Some states like New York sell coffee infused with cannabis while in Colorado, you can get cannabis cola and fruit punch because recreational marijuana is legal in those states.

  1. Chocolates

The most effective way to get high is by eating the intoxicating substance because eating it delivers more potency. Edible cannabis allows you to snack while taking your legal medicine and some of the popular edibles include the pot cookie, the weed brownies and marijuana brownies which a lot of companies have had legal problems for because of the possibility of children taking them unknowingly.

As marijuana is being legalized in different states, many companies are focusing on making chocolate marijuana. It is easier to market to those who want to try legalized weed without smoking it. Chocolates are also more sophisticated as far as marketing campaigns go. It is easier and more effective to sell a “gummy bear” to anybody than sell blunt. Coupled with a fancy package or wrapper, you can eat a chocolate bar and get high afterward.

These chocolates are not so common because of the presence of THC in them. Brands like Défoncé can only be found in California. But if the marketing strategies continue to be successful and more states legalize marijuana, there will be many dispensaries across the country stocking them.

  1. Cannabis Gummies

People who are not huge fans of chocolates can opt for sweets, and with the legalization of marijuana, CBD-specific gummies have become popular. Though still quite unregulated, that is, there is no accurate measure or monitoring of how much CBD is being used in them, CBD gummies have started gaining wide prominence that you can easily pick up a CBD gummy at a gas station.

Because of this, if you reside in a state where medical marijuana is allowed and you have a medical marijuana card or if your state has legalized the recreational use of marijuana, you should be able to get gummy bears, gummy worms from your local dispensary whether they contain only CBD or they contain THC too. Brands like Diamond CBD and Green Roads have a variety of CBD gummies for states where weed has been legalized. Gummies are more easily accessible for people who want to give themselves a treat.

  1. Capsules

If you are more of the kind of person who just wants to get the job done without chewing or licking anything, capsules are more of a thing. Capsules are neither sweet nor refreshing, but they achieve the same results. Some people prefer taking their marijuana as medicine and do not want to bother with snacking on it or chewing it. Capsules are designed for this category of users.

Therefore, if you are growing cannabis in your garden and you are still lost on what to do with the marijuana when you harvest it, the above-mentioned are some of the things made from marijuana.