Growing Tips

Why Grow Your Own


Growing cannabis has gone through numerous phases from the days of complete prohibition to now that states are legalizing it one after the other and offering cultivation provisions to those who are interested in growing their own cannabis. If you are living in one of those states where cannabis is legal, there is no better time than now to start growing your own cannabis. Cannabis medication is all over the place these days, and it would make a lot of sense if your medicines come from your yard. Even if you are not sure about how green your thumb is, go ahead and start growing your own cannabis. If you need further reasons to start, check out some of the reasons to grow your own cannabis below;

  1. If it is legal, you can grow it, and it will be useful for you.

In 2017, legally growing cannabis had some restrictions which varied from state to state including Washington DC. However, once you satisfy all these requirements that the states put up, you have the freedom to grow your own cannabis. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Most states allow growers cultivate between 4 to 6 plants although some other states allow growers to cultivate more plant counts. Also, most of the states that allow home cultivation of cannabis have some stipulations in place that provides access points where the growers can pick up legal genetics such as clones and seeds. These stipulations give nurseries and dispensaries the chance to supply an entirely different market of home growers with flavors that they can take back home with them and try out in their gardens.

  1. You have complete Control

Growing your own cannabis could be a learning curve for you and you can from there become an expert cannabis cultivator yourself, giving you full control over the entire cultivation process. Considering that there are numerous ways to become successful at growing cannabis at home, one of the most exciting aspects is knowing the system that works best for you and is most suitable for you.

Whether the cultivation is organic, hydroponic, raised beds or soil containers, you can try out a system and stick to the one that works for you and is easy enough for you. Being in control of your cannabis grow affords you the opportunity to create a personal cultivation style for yourself and also provides a certain level of safety if you want to take precautions so that you can create a product that is safe for consumption. Come fungicides, fertilizers, pesticides, and other garden additives could be harmful to a person whose immune system is not strong enough. And as a result of little or no transparency in some states regarding garden inputs, relying on these homegrown cannabis products may not be safe. But if there are home grow laws, patients who need cannabis medications can take control of their medicines and produce it in their homes under the conditions they deem fit as okay for them.

  1. Growing as a hobby can help you gain new skillsets

One side effect of cultivating cannabis as a hobby is that you may develop an interest in other plants. Once you have become an expert at growing your own cannabis, your green thumb for other crops may flourish right after. Cultivation is also a habit that could become addictive once you have experienced some level of success at growing a particular type of crop. The principles that you apply to growing your cannabis, as well as the practices, could help with the development of so many other essential life skills.

As a successful cannabis grower, you could be successful at a lot of other things such as engineering, carpentry, designing, plumbing, etc. These skills could help you in your grow room and developing them could be the start of something new and exciting for you. The upside about this is that these skills will never leave you even if you decide to no longer cultivate cannabis.

  1. You get to save money

Even though starting a home cannabis grow is capital intensive, and the required initial investment has put many people off because of the fear of their equity not paying itself off. However, as capital intensive as it may be, the fortunate part is that growing cannabis is not meant for only the people who can afford to start a cannabis grow. The kind of grow you will own is dependent mainly on your budget. You can even choose to pay back your initial investment after you have had a successful harvest.

This is not to say you will not incur some costs when building your grow space but over time, you will be required to spend less money, and these costs will reduce at the same time as you will not have to spend much money to sustain your grow. Although cannabis does not cost much at the dispensary, a continuous purchase may end up being more expensive than what it will require to maintain your home grow space.

  1. It is easy to learn

Currently, with cannabis gaining acceptance in some places, resources that promote home cultivation of cannabis are now more available than ever before. As more states are lifting prohibition off cannabis, growers are getting the right to cultivate at home, and there is increased availability of educational and information materials. Websites, online communities, books, magazines, forums, etc. are some of the examples of media through which growers share tips, knowledge, and ideas with other people.

The days of looking for threads on grow tips endlessly have passed. These days, getting information is easier, and there are tons of podcasts released both weekly and daily to help growers achieve successful cannabis cultivation. Workshops hold in legal states for growers to meet, network, share ideas and motivate one another. For cannabis enthusiasts, these for sure, are exciting times and there is no other more perfect time to become a cannabis home grower.