How to make money growing Marijuana

The era of the Green Rush in 2009 heralded a period where lots of people from California to Colorado thought it would be their time to get rich by growing marijuana and making money from it. The plan then was to turn garages into grow rooms by filling them up with light sources and cannabis plant clones, and upon harvesting, millionaires would emerge.

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Why Grow Your Own

Growing cannabis has gone through numerous phases from the days of complete prohibition to now that states are legalizing it one after the other and offering cultivation provisions to those who are interested in growing their own cannabis. If you are living in one of those states where cannabis is legal, there is no better time than now to start growing your own cannabis.

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The History of Marijuana

Marijuana had started to take dominance in the later 1920s, and some historians claim that the reason people got more interested in it was because of Prohibition. Entertainers and musicians were the only ones allowed to use it recreationally. It was during this period that “Teefer songs” became popular in the jazz sphere and marijuana clubs started springing up across the major cities, and they were called tea pads.

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Ways to use Marijuana

This is a wide category of what you can use Cannabis for. There are some weed products that contain cannabis oil to achieve the desired effects, but there are also different ways of taking cannabis oil. The fact that it can be used for a wide variety of things makes the cannabis product that people seek after the most.

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