Growing Tips

Grow Marijuana Indoor or Outdoors


Most of the general public have a perception about cannabis, especially about the growing method. The common understanding is that marijuana grown indoors is better than the one grown outdoors. The truth is this; this is wrong and mainly a farce. There is nothing like the best type of cannabis. What an individual prefers may be different from what another prefers. Consumer preference is what determines how good a particular type of cannabis is but of course; this is not to ignore the fact that there is an existing comparison between the known methods of growing marijuana which are indoor, outdoor and greens house.

The indoor and outdoor methods are the most popular, and we’ll be focusing on these two in this article.

The Types of Cannabis Grow Methods.

We have three primary methods of growing cannabis. These methods include Indoor, Outdoor, and Greenhouse methods. Let’s explore these methods extensively and make the necessary comparisons for educational purposes.


If you have a cannabis plantation and you decide to grow the plant indoors, you get complete control of the whole process which includes air circulation, lighting, and room temperature. You are entirely responsible for everything that goes to your Cannabis plant. Besides this control that you have, it is also easy to lose control of your plants. If toxins manage to get into your grow room, it may be difficult to get rid of the toxins because the environment is limited. If you keep it clean regularly, that is an advantage because you have control over the airflow but if you do not monitor the CO2 levels and your plants start secreting some toxins. It could cause CO2 poisoning.

Another advantage of growing indoors is the benefits that it brings to the new cannabis genetics which perform better in indoor environments. Virtually every cannabis strain in the market today is a hybrid; this is perhaps why everyone who retails cannabis prefers to stock indoor marijuana.


This method of growing cannabis is 100% natural and the cheapest method. It does not need lights, tarps, and fans. All you need is good soil, regular sunlight, and tents. The only disadvantage is that in outdoor growing, your cannabis plant is exposed to all the elements directly and you have almost no control over that because of it gets too much; it could have adverse effects on the flower of your cannabis plant.

However, experts believe that outdoor-produced plants get more spectrum of light that penetrates deeper into the plants; therefore, allowing the plants to grow to their full potential.


This is another method of growing cannabis which involves sin-growth and light deprivation. With the greenhouse method, you get to use tarps to block out the sun (light deprivation) so that the plants can be tricked into growing faster.

This method also has little effect on the natural resources of the heart as you do not have to consume much energy like what you would consume in indoor growing which involves the use of fans and lights. Greenhouse leaves behind little or no ecological footprint.

Experts believe that cannabis grown using light deprivation techniques have the least impact on the environment and yield the best products. The only advantage of sun-grown cannabis is that as a grower, you have to monitor the weather and season and choose the part of the year to grow your plants while indoor growing can go on at any time of the year regardless of the weather season.

Which one is the best for use?

As mentioned earlier, there is no best method for growing cannabis. It all boils down to personal preferences and experience with the plant. Many consumers believe cannabis grown indoors is better than the other types especially outdoor-grown cannabis because, for outdoor cannabis, the grower has to spray the plant with pesticides and what-not. For this reason, it is many people believe that indoor-grown cannabis is always a lot cleaner than outdoor-grown cannabis. The thing with marijuana again is that anything sprayed on it does not go off by washing it off. It sticks to the trichomes, and this could be why indoor-grown marijuana have more pronounced trichomes.

On the other hand, some consumers choose experience over anything else, and for these people, cannabis grown in the sun may be good for them. There are different spectrums of light that the sun provides which cannot be replicated indoors. This could feed off a variety of cannabinoids or terpenes that make the plant better if some the right way. With the knowledge that cannabinoid and terpene profiles are responsible for the effects of cannabis, consumers are favoring sun-grown cannabis more over any other type.

Regardless of what name it is called, the more educated consumers are choosing indoor-grown cannabis because they have learned that light deprivation helps produce high cannabinoids and terpenes in massive amounts. When you combine light-deprivation with growing marijuana in the soil, you really could produce the best cannabis ever.

For consumers who are conscious about preserving the environment over anything else, they may favor outdoor growing which is a natural way of growing cannabis and does not require using up energy.

Anybody who wants a safe and clean future for the world will choose outdoor cannabis. Growing cannabis outdoor is the only environmental-friendly way of growing cannabis. It does not involve burning energy, electricity or light bills for the plants to grow. Nutrient generation and regeneration are 100% natural, and there is a constant supply of sunlight to help the plants photosynthesize.

Outdoor cannabis production is also less expensive than other alternatives. It requires less overhead, and upon harvesting, it is sold at a much cheaper price than the other types.

We should also not forget that not all full-term outdoor cannabis is created the same. Some get damaged by outdoor elements. Therefore, whatever your choice type of cannabis is, ensure you look for quality ones from producers who indeed produce cannabis of the highest quality.