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Growology Jobs New Career Choice

Growology is the art of how to grow.

We are proud to offer our expanded curriculum to include the Growology, you need to stay abreast of this rapidly changing industry.

The options for work in the cannabis field ranges from farming and growing to the running of your own dispensary business. It is forecasted that jobs and products are on a growth spurt, opening doors for a multitude of jobs and businesses.


Beginning in 2018 applications for Dispensaries are on the upswing. Staff is needed, and the new role of Budtender takes root.

Just like becoming a bartender, knowledge is needed to perform your job. Familiarity of rules, regulations, compliance, to the training needed to dispense and advise patients. There is much to know if you want to work in this business. Getting in on the ground floor and learn the skills of a Budtender can reap rewards.

In the case of working for dispensaries, Budtenders who have the training and experience can command higher salaries. They assist people with serious medical conditions and need to have the knowledge to dispense the proper product and dosage of various forms of the product. Combine this with the continuous changes and staying compliant, a budtender is fast becoming a valuable assist.

Cannabis employment job opportunities in the marijuana field are projected to grow and vary in its applications.

The cannabis industry future?

Where it stops, nobody knows. With the introduction of new applications and changes, the possibilities seem endless, and the skill of Budtender is taking on a life of its own.

Stay in the know

Do you need training as a budtender? The question is, if you know little to nothing about the industry or product, vs getting certified in the skills needed, which one of you would you hire? There are many responsibilities associated with being a Budtender and the more preparation, knowledge and skills you possess, the more successful you will be.

Budtender program includes:

  • Employment opportunities for dispensaries
  • Growth, history and strains of marijuana
  • Types of cannabis products, oils, edibles, topical’s etc.
  • Basics of dosage principals of the products you dispense
  • The basics of medical applications
  • Compliance and industry standards
  • And much more

Our class space is limited and a reservation for the one-week program is required. Upon graduation, we offer a job assistance program for jobs throughout San Diego.